How to dress for your next interview

There are a few ways you can prepare for an inter - view, but make sure you don’t neglect your outfit. Instead, stick with these tips so that you make the right impact that lasts well after your interview.

Business man

Style & substance

First things first, give your - self enough time to wash in the morning; make sure your breath is fresh and even your nails are tidy. Your hair also needs to be just as in order as your body and your outfit; if you have a beard, shave it or tidy it up and don’t use too much perfume or aftershave if you want to make a good impression. 

Keep smart...

Not every outfit needs a formal blazer, but either way, make sure you’re wearing a long-sleeved shirt, leave the sleeves down and always wear a tie that compliments your shirt and trousers.

Want to take it up a notch? If you’re going to wear a blazer, leave the bottom button undone if there are two or more buttons. 

Keep it appropriate...

If you’re applying for a role that isn’t based in an office environment, or requires a uniform, you will still make the best impression by wearing something professional and formal. By dressing in this way, not only are you showing that you are taking your inter - view seriously, but it also demonstrates that you are a professional.

Smart shoes

You don’t need a suit to make a good impression in your interview. A simple shirt and dark trousers will leave you looking work-ready. Keep your clothes ironed and try to match your belt to the colour of your well-polished shoes for an extra finish.

Business woman

Keep it simple

You might know how to put together a killer outfit already, but dressing for an interview is something you’ll want to pay important attention to. From hair to hem, let your outfit and style show how professional you are with these additional style tips.

  • Keep it simple, stylish and professional with a business suit or a skirt and blouse with your skirt sitting on or just above the knee. Subtle patterns and colours work best so as not to be too distracting.
  • Let your outfit do the talking by keeping cleavage appropriate and wearing a minimal amount of accessories.
  • Wear your shoes with a sensible heel, if you decide to have one at all. Flats work just as well. Shoes should be dark and not too colourful.

shape up your make-up

Firstly, wearing make-up is completely your choice and makes no difference to the way you come across as a professional. If you do choose to wear make-up, however, remember to keep it light. A nude make-up look will work best - no need for heavy contours, large wings or overlined lips

Definite No!

We’ve already given you a few pointers, but make sure you avoid these at all costs:

  • No strappy/low-cut tops
  • Don’t over-do the perfume
  • No open-toed shoes/sandals
  • No untucked business shirts
  • No jeans or t-shirts
  • No dirty clothes
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