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IT, digital & creative is one, big sector where technology meets design. This sector is one of the fastest growing in the UK because the processes and tools people use to work are constantly changing - this also makes it one of the most interesting sectors to work in too.

What could I do in IT, digital & creative?

The world is becoming ever more digital which mean that more and more jobs need digital skills. Not just this however, but many technical roles like website development and cyber security are looking to more creative solutions, and creative roles like advertising, design or marketing are using more and more digital tools to push boundaries further.

You could be working for a big tech corporation, or one of the thousands of start-ups you can find in Essex - the range is very diverse but having a good understanding of technology will help you get by in any role within this sector.

Skills needed in Digital

Top skills employers are looking for

  • SQL
  • Java Script
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft C#
  • .NET Programming
  • Project Mnagement
  • Technical Support
  • Website Development

Top jobs roles advertised in Essex

  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Systems Engineer
  • C# Developer
  • Marketing Executive
  • IT User Support Technician
  • TV/Audio Engineer
  • Programmer

Myth busting

  • 'I don't know how to code' - It's okay! Coding isn't for everyone and it isn't necessary for a huge number of other technical, professional and creative roles available in Essex, such as: project management, digital marketing or graphic design.
  • 'I'm a woman so IT, digital & creative isn't for me' - This is so far from the truth - businesses are crying out for more women to work within the sector, especially those who can bring new ideas and think differently about the things. Even if you're not creative, what employers are looking for are good skills - as long as you build and strengthen these, there are plenty of opportunities for women to work in this industry.
Film Editing

Example job roles:

Example entry job roles:

This sector is competitive, but it is also one of the more accessible industries to get a start in because you can teach yourself a lot of industry-required skills, if you don't have them already. Experience and qualifications will help you develop your career, but there are many entry level roles which will help you gain some of these too.

Junior Account Planner: £18k - £22k+ Junior account planners help to represent the voice of the consumer in marketing agencies. They’re part of the team responsible for developing the strategic insights around advertising ideas. They help formulate a brand communications strategy, followed by the creative brief that will be used by the agency’s creative teams to produce the creative ideas.

Web Analytics Assistant: £20k - £24k+ A web analytics assistant will measure, collect and analyse internet and application data to inform and enhance online marketing strategies. This involves the manipulation of large data sets created by patterns of behaviour among internet users to develop insights into how and why people do what they do online. Working closely with other members of the online team, this can improve the performance of specific websites and applications.

Junior Business Analyst: £18k - £25k+ Business analysts straddle the worlds of business and IT. They work with a company’s IT team to gather information about the software and hardware necessary for the business to operate. The role is very often project-based, keeping it varied and challenging. This is a great role for somebody who enjoys working with different departments and has a varied set of skills. It suits good communicators, problem solvers and negotiators.

Further job roles:

All of these roles will expect you to have some form of relevant qualifications or experience and will often expect you to have 4 to 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) including English and Maths.

Social Media Manager: £27k - £34k+ Do you love Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? This job might be the one for you. Social Media Managers post content and manage business accounts across all social media networks to promote a company’s latest events, their products and to help grow brands and campaigns..

Graphic Designer: £26k - £33k+ If you’re a bit artistic then consider graphic design. These designers use digital software like Photoshop and use their knowledge of typography, colours and layout to produce some of the most memorable visuals, from posters, to logos or game covers and everything in between. You can learn lots of these skills online to begin, often for free.

IT Technical Support Officer: £25k - £45k+ IT technical support officers, or IT technicians monitor and maintain the computer systems and networks of an organisation. They may install and configure computer systems, diagnose hardware and software faults and solve technical and applications problems, either over the phone or in person.

IT, digital & creative: the numbers

IT, digital & creative Vacancy Data
Sadie - Coast Digital

My experience: working in IT, digital & creative

"I love being a web designer because I'm able to solve problems creatively and create designs that I am really proud of. I had a keen interest in design, with a passion for Photoshop. I enjoyed choosing colour schemes and page layouts for my own personal projects and wanted to turn it into a career. I work with a great team that support me and help me push myself in my design work. I started an apprenticeship at Coast Digital for my career start; I wanted to gain experience whilst learning about web design in an office environment." - Sadie, Coast Digital

What's next?

Sadie's advice for getting into the sector: "Don't be afraid to take the leap! An apprenticeship was the best path I could have taken to achieve the career that I wanted. It built my confidence and I now feel I can fulfil my role to my best ability." Check out sites like:, or for more information about the sector and to find job opportunities.

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