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New logistics careers VR experience

DELIVR IT is a free Virtual Reality (VR) experience which demonstrates the international logistics process and encourages job-seekers and students alike to consider a career in one of the fastest growing sectors in Essex. Using the latest Oculus technology, DELIVR IT is designed to inform, entertain and inspire people about the logistics industry and is now free to book for educators, training providers and careers advisors.

This new experience puts the user in control of delivering a range of goods through the supply chain, directly to the buyer, using a range of processes from multi-transport operation, to warehouse management. The user will soak-up a rich and colourful 360° environment as they navigate the world of logistics. Throughout the journey, users can interact with a range of elements to discover the wide variety of roles within logistics including professional and supporting roles which many people may not expect to find in the industry.

Educators, careers advisors and training providers in Essex can all book this experience for free now by clicking here to email info.VRLogistics@essex.gov.uk

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Who can use the experience?

Working-age adults can learn about the current opportunities and salary information for some of the most in-demand roles in logistics. With support from Career Ready and DWP, Essex residents can learn how to take their experience into a positive career path that suits their skills and interests.

School and higher education students can also engage with the experience, participating in an immersive world in which they can become inspired by the fulfilling careers that they can find locally. Using our WYT website, students can learn more about the opportunities they uncover in the VR experience and how they can progress into them after via vocational or academic qualifications.

Click here to book the experience today: Info.VRLogistics@essex.gov.uk

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Why choose logistics?

The logistics sector is a vital resource for the economy and Essex plays a critical role in delivering goods regionally and internationally. With two international airports, three international ports and the London International Cruise Terminal, Essex is one the most exciting places to work for logistics.

Last year, there were over 8,000 job postings for the industry and new multi-million pound, local sea and airport expansion projects, the job opportunities are due to increase even more which means that the sector is always on the look-out for new talent.


This VR experience was commissioned by the Essex Employment and Skills Board in order to bridge the skills gap faced by employers. With thanks to Mbryonic for developing the experience; DP World London Gateway and Thurrock Council for supporting with funding the project and Career Ready and DWP for supporting the distribution of the VR experience.

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