What jobs have appeared over the last 10 years?

10 years ago, IPhones, social media and Uber were barely spoken about let alone used, now they are aspects of our daily life that seem impossible we ever lived without. The world has and continues to change and so have the jobs available.

According to the World Economic Forum’s latest annual Human Capital Index, 65% of children entering primary school will work in jobs we are completely unaware exist yet and that are totally new. Thanks to rapid advances in the fields of robotics, driverless transport, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, advanced materials and genomics, these changes will be here sooner than ever.

In just a decade the workplace has transformed with a new demand for occupations that have never before existed, a few have been increasingly popular such as:

App Developer

When the IPhone was launched in 2007 would anyone have predicted that it would have led to half the world’s adults owning a device? We will never know, but, we do know is that it brought with it an appetite for apps. In 2015 Apple’s app store had 1.5 million apps available and Android’s Google Play had 1.6 Million, thus shows how the introduction of Smart devices created a demand for app developers.

social media

Social Media Manager

In 2016 Facebook had more than 1.6 Billion users worldwide, along with sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Social media has become a popular marketing platform, making it easier for companies to interact with customers.


Uber Driver

The Uber app launched in 2009, however it is now the world’s most valuable start up at $62 billion. The company has drivers around the world, however, with Uber has noticed the possibility of self-driving cars for the future, meaning in 10 years Uber Drivers could be a thing of the past.


Driverless Car Engineer

Driverless cars are not only replacing jobs but creating them, in the not too distant future, engineers, mechanics and software developers for the vehicles will be in high demand.


Cloud computing specialist

At a 2006 conference where Eric Schmidt described Google’s approach to software as ‘cloud computing’, a decade later and over half of US businesses use The Cloud, meaning occupations such as cloud management , engineering and strategizing are now available.


Sustainability Manager

Companies are becoming more aware of how environmentally friendly they are or need to be, thus this increasingly important role was created to ensure businesses are hiring individuals to help them use resources more effectively and make environmentally friendly decisions.


YouTube content creators

The video sharing platform has made way for a new form of video-blogging, known as ‘vlogging’.This has now become an extremely successful career choice with YouTube’s biggest vloggers earning millions in advertising, social media management and sponsorship deals.


Drone operators:

Drones are also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); they have become increasingly popular over the past 10 years and have created more job opportunities for drone operators.


Millennial generational expert

Millennials now make up a significant proportion of the workplace, their insight into what young employees value, expect and how to engage with them has become vital to companies

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