Open Learn is here! Learn for FREE

The Department of Work and Pensions and Open University have partnered to create an exciting new platform offering free training tools to help find employment, advance your career and improve your digital skills and employability as well as your own health and well being.

What is Open Learn?

Open Learn is an online learning platform with over 1000 free courses and interactive content to grow and learn your skills. The courses range in length and style from short videos to interactive online learning and games. Courses range from one hour to 24 hours plus you have the opportunity to fit in learning around your life whether its on the train or during the kids nap time!

How do I access this resource?

Accessing the courses is simple, simply create a free online account and enrol on any of the free courses. You will get a statement of participation for enrolling on courses. Visit the website for more details and to browse through all the available resources

Digital badge:

Completion of some courses will gain a digital badge which show commitment to your career development. A digital badge is a great way to show your commitment to current and future employers. All badges can be added to your social media profiles, use the badge to showcase your skills these will look great on a LinkedIn page, you can use your LinkedIn page to promote yourself to employers.

Learn and Earn:

The flexibility of the courses allow you to fit it in around your work. Earn badges and learn new skills, speak to your manager and let them know you are developing your skills. Add this information to your CV and cover letter and let potential employers know you are working on your skills and and ensuring that your knowledge and skills will see you through an ever evolving job market.

For work and for living:

Open learning platform isn't just about career development, courses also focus on personal development. There are resources covering topics such as finances, managing stress and health and well being.

If you are thinking of increasing your skills then visit this free platform and start developing yourself now!

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