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How to search for jobs

Use our guide to find out the best places to look for jobs and vacancies.


Going online to search for jobs is one of the first things that you can do to see what is available locally. Today, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with options when you are searching online for a new job so it’s really helpful to have some idea of what job or sector you are interested in. There are hundreds of websites out there and here are just some examples of these which cover a wide range of jobs:

If you already know what type of work you are interested in, there are lots of sector specific recruitment sites to look for. 

Online Networking

Did you know that more and more employers are using LinkedIn to advertise vacancies, as well as to reach out to possible job candidates? Registering on career networking sites like LinkedIn can help you to get noticed by employers and help you find your next job. Remember, it’s important to make sure your profile is up to date.

Top Tip: Join discussion groups for industries you’re interested in and start building your social network to keep in the loop for the latest job offers.


Friends & Family

Staff referral is an internal recruitment method used by businesses to find potential candidates through their existing employees. Companies usually prefer to hire someone who their trusted employees can vouch for. Try to take advantage of this by asking around friends and family who work in industries you’d like to explore. This can often result in you finding out about vacancies before the competition do and instantly puts you at an advantage.

Job Centre Plus

 Visit your local Job Centre Plus to talk directly to an adviser. Job Centre Plus is a government-funded employment agency and social security office. It’s aim is to help people of working age find employment and an office can be found in each district of Essex. Find your local office by visiting:

Recruitment Agency

Using a recruitment agency can be a really good choice as many employers do not recruit directly themselves; you might not even find their vacancies on their own website. Often the only way to apply for some jobs is through a recruitment agency. Many recruitment agencies are specialised and focus on different sectors. Agencies will regularly and actively search for work on your behalf, so this, of course, can make life a little easier for you if you’re finding hunting for jobs particularly time consuming. As you might expect some agencies are better than others and it can be difficult to tell them apart. Therefore checking to make sure that the agency is a member of ‘The Recruitment & Employment Confederation’ is really important.

Jobs Fairs

Visiting jobs fairs can be a great start to finding out what jobs are available locally and they’re a great opportunity to meet and talk directly to employers and recruiters. Remember they are there to explain what jobs they have and what their business is like, so take advantage and ask lots of questions. To find out when jobs fairs are happening keep an eye out in local papers, follow your local college on social media and check online. Be sure to take a notepad to take names and contact details so you can follow up your conversations afterwards! You should also take extra copies of your CV and dress smartly as it could lead to an informal interview - remember that first impressions count!

Contacting Companies Directly

This approach involves actively contacting companies you are interested in working for. Some businesses really like this approach as it shows them that you are interested in working for them, rather than just applying because there is a job on offer. When using this approach its useful to ensure that you target companies that are likely to require someone with your specific skills and expertise – these could be companies that provide similar products or services to what you have worked on before, or smaller or less known business who might receive fewer approaches from job seekers. Write a persuasive covering letter and CV outlining what you can bring to the company – remember to always sell yourself


Become an apprentice or maybe work for yourself


Apprenticeships are for people from any background or age and are a great way for you to retrain or upskill whilst earning money. Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job along with study and offer educational levels beyond degree level. Many employers look to employ apprentices as part of their recruitment strategies and therefore visiting the governments apprenticeship website: can provide a great start in helping identify what apprenticeship roles are available. It’s also worth contacting your local college as they will also be able to advise what apprenticeships are on offer.

Working for Yourself

If you have a good idea and the motivation to make it successful then this might be a great move for you. Starting your own business requires careful planning, research and preparation, but we’ve got a great guide for you if you want to start your own business. 

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