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How does a young person in Essex go from being in care to an apprentice? Without the typical support of a family, what help is available to help you reach your dreams. Could you be accepted onto an apprenticeship? Of course it is possible and if you need extra support and guidance to help you onto an apprenticeship or the correct path to achieve your career goals there is help available for you.

Essex County Council has a dedicated team to support young people break down the barriers to apprenticeships and careers. They provide Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) on suitable opportunities. The Employability and Skills team support all 16-18 year olds in Essex and make sure they are in training, education or employment. They identify those who are NEET (not in education, employment or training) and will assist them into one of these routes. 

How does it work?

You can request help or support via your Social Worker. You will be referred to the Targeted Youth Adviser who will work with you to manage your personal circumstances and remove any barriers that would stop you succeeding such as homelessness, lack of qualifications, wrong course choice or confidence issues.  The advisers are there to help you access the necessary support to your personal development no matter your personal circumstances. When the time is right, you will also be introduced to an Employability Worker.

What does the Employability Worker do?

1.   The Employability Worker will look at your CV and make sure it is up to date and is highlighting the skills and abilities needed for the role you are interested in. They will work with you to check your understanding of work, commitment to the world of work, and knowledge of apprenticeships etc. At all times your wishes and views are kept at the forefront and we will strive to help you achieve them. Alongside your Employability Worker you will look at different opportunities together and discuss local employers, and once there has been an agreement the Employability Worker will contact employers to source direct employment opportunities. The Service can also offer in work support, if you are struggling in a role then the Employability Worker can go in and work with both the employer and yourself to make sure that you understand your role, have the right support and the employer feels comfortable, ensuring that sustainability is maintained on both sides.


2.    A further strand to their work is employer engagement. The Employability Workers have encouraged Essex County Council and their supply chain of employers to be a corporate parent and offer apprenticeships specifically to target groups such as leaving and aftercare young people. There are now specific apprenticeships that are ring fenced for this target group and young people are successfully working for Essex County Council and, or their supply chain as apprentices.



There is no barrier too big or too small that will prevent our team of experts from working with you to achieve your future career. Below are just two examples of young people we have worked with and successfully found and then supported into an apprenticeship.


Case Studies:

WE – worked with the Targeted Youth Adviser over a period of a year to break down his barriers to employment, when he was work ready he then went to work with the Employability worker who liaised with a high street bank to source an apprenticeship. WE passed all the interviews and employment checks, this employment commenced on the 04/02/19 with weekly contact for the first three months to support WE and ensuring the highest chance of sustainability is achieved, longer if the client requests it. 

TT – Worked with the Targeted Youth Adviser on his release from prison who adapted the meetings to encourage TT’s engagement, over time TT was more receptive to ideas around employment and the aim of reducing his chances of re-offending. A referral was made to the Employability worker who made an application to National Rail, an apprenticeship was secured that has been sustained for two years with various promotions being awarded to TT. 

There’s no time like the present contact us or your Social Worker/Personal Adviser today to get on that road to success.

This piece was contributed by Maria Power and Keely Hutchings from the Employability and Skills team

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