Health Careers Masterclass Series

Health Masterclass for year 9 students

Last month we started our third series of our health Science masterclasses, they take place at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust’s ICENI Centre in Colchester. A group year of 9 students from schools in Colchester and Clacton joined us to find out about careers in health in Essex.

The ESNEFT team put together an amazing programme; the 6 week programme includes a range of masterclasses run by health professionals including surgeons from across the Hospital. The masterclasses include presentations and hands on practical sessions; we provide the opportunity to explore a real theatre and use medical equipment. The team shared their knowledge and expertise and explain their journeys into their chosen careers in health and Essex.

Session one started with an introduction from Peter Cook, Head of Innovation at ESNEFT, and then a talk by Sharmila Gupta a Surgeon at Colchester Hospital. Then it was time to get stuck in, the group were able to scrub up and head over to a theatre to learn more about surgery.

Thought much about anaesthesiology? Session two focused on this role with a discussion with a consultant anaesthetist at ESNEFT. The rest of the day was a mixed session with a careers in theatre session followed by a practical theatre skills lab session. The group were able to learn about intubation.

Fancy becoming a surgeon? Then session three would have been for you. The session focused on surgery with a group session with an orthopaedic surgeon who discussed the role of surgeon and theatre support worker. Once again it was time to get hands on and learn suturing and knot-tying, then heading back into the Theatre Skills Lab to gain some insight into theatre operations and hip/knee replacement surgery.

The last sessions will introduce the role of radiography and recovery nurse and then explore the variety of careers in the health sector. The last session will include the group’s parents and each student will receive their course certificate by Dame Clare Marx former chair of the Royal College of Surgeons.

If you are interested in a career in health speak to the STEM team and find out about other health sessions coming up keep an eye out for upcoming events. Or if you’re ready to take the next steps and are 16 – 19 speak to the health and social care team who can provide you with tailored guidance about the different paths and options in the health and care sector. 

Learning Suturing

Hands on Experiences

Learning suturing and trying out other medical procedures

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